Cloud Business News Roundup April 18 – April 24, 2011: Amazon Raises Cloud Computing Doubts

amazon cloud failureIf you are tapping the pulse of the news surrounding cloud computing, Amazon cloud service interruption is making the headlines in major IT/Business publications – including in Cloud Business Review’s cloud business news roundup this week.

To update you, Amazon is yet to find ways to fix their problems in the cloud – today is the third day of Amazon cloud outage – and counting. Amazon said that on Saturday, they were making progress, but more slowly that what was predicted.

Has Amazon react by releasing official statements on questions, concerns and critics? None so far other than just technical update, but nothing more than that.

Amazon cloud collapse impacting services used by millions of people – such as Reddit and Quora, raising doubts among critics and novice users – is cloud computing really the best solution for businesses? Only time will tell – but as of today, there are some articles already voicing concerns and criticism on cloud computing. Here are some of the worth-noted articles about the Amazon cloud woes:

Amazon failure affects thousands of sites and millions of Internet users

This video news from Associated Press reports how Amazon disrupts website access, including the big guys – Reddit, Foursquare, Quora, etc.:

Amazon failure raises doubts on cloud computing among companies adopting the cloud

Amazon’s prolonged cloud service interruption – to a third day on Saturday – causes major shift in businesses’ perspective toward the cloud. Many businesses – post Amazon cloud outage – are considering to rely on a cloud vendor in doing business. Matthew Eastwood, IDC research firm analyst, said that the cloud outage is a wake up call for cloud computing, cloud business and businesses adopting the cloud.

Cloud technology is under the spotlight after Amazon cloud service disruptions

As Amazon cloud service interruptions make the headlines, there are questions raised about the reliability of cloud computing and what is promised by cloud business service providers (e.g. always on, scalable, and such.)

As cloud computing is gaining great attention from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, Amazon failure that affects many big players in entertainment industry, such as Sony’s PlayStation Network, will keep businesses in the entertainment industry “grounded” – i.e. by playing safe via making redundancies available.

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