Cloud Business News Roundup: January 31 – February 06, 2011

cloud business trendsWelcome to February, 2011. The cloud is evolving real fast, and we have witnessed key changes in the world of cloud computing. It’s pretty overwhelming catching up, and hopefully this week’s roundup can clear the mist a bit for you. That being said, what’s the cloud trends today?

This is the highlight of the week; According to a blog post from Microsoft blog on Forbes online, there are 5 trends for 2011 in cloud computing:

  1. It’s just business: In 2011, businesses’ executives will finally grasp the idea of cloud computing for business; not only for increasing productivity and reducing cost anymore, business cloud computing is now also a business initiative that can drive innovation, speed to market, and new lines of business.
  2. Good enough for the government: The gov’t agencies are the front-runner of cloud computing adoption – this is true not only in the US but also in any other countries going cloud.
  3. Clearing the chaos in the cloud: Thus cloud service brokers are born – their job is to ensure the seamless integration of businesses’ IT “legacy” system with multiple cloud services (according to a report, 52 percent of businesses adopting cloud computing are using 6 different cloud services.)
  4. No stopping the spending spree: Major cloud service providers are acquiring smaller counterparts to strengthen their position in cloud market. The upside, this will ensure stability and trust; the downside, this would worry customers of the acquired cloud business regarding service continuity.
  5. The power of partnering: The cloud promotes collaboration among cloud business service providers, resulting in unique cloud business partnership that can only benefit customers.

…interesting trends and we now know that the cloud is evolving into something that can only benefit end-users (and of course, the cloud businesses themselves.)

Here are some other interesting developments in the cloud:

Cloud computing = green computing

Cloud computing allows businesses to reduce IT costs, which also impact in the reduction of energy costs and carbon emission; and these hold true for both businesses going cloud and cloud businesses.

Business cloud computing is on demand as businesses want to be more productive

According to a survey, small and medium businesses (finally) see the value of cloud business solutions and eager to implement them to enhance their productivity.

Microsoft confuses people with their cloud solution ads

Microsoft should probably focus on delivering the cloud solutions, not mingling with the definition of cloud computing. Microsoft would end up confuse and mislead everybody with its advertising campaigns.

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