Check Your Email in the Cloud with Mail2web

mail2web email servicesLiving in the cloud has its own advantages – you can do whatever you want, wherever you are. In term of email services, such as Mail2web, they have given much freedom for me – and more: I can check as many emails as I want and do so in anywhere I want.

I have dozens of email addresses – 38 to be exact, and growing (not mentioning the 10+ Yahoo! and Gmail email addresses I have.) I have so many email addresses because I own many websites (Cloud Business Review is one of them.) Some of my sites are using a shared email address, while many of them are having their own email address, for branding and trust reasons; I don’t want you to get a wrong impression when you send us an email and get a reply from a email address.

I have been using Microsoft Outlook for quite some time, but as my need grows, the software can’t keep up with my need. Outlook can only check 32 email addresses automatically at most; of course, I can check the rest of my emails by manually clicking on my email account, but doing so a few hours a day for the other 6 email addresses is a hassle. I know I’m being lazy, but the cloud offers so much to make our work easier and faster. I can’t just pass such cloud app.

Enough talking – I was looking for a solution, and have found an email service that enables me to check my emails in the cloud: Mail2web.

Mail2web, a property of SoftCom Inc., offers you just that: Check your emails from multiple email addresses from a single web-based account. Since it’s web-based, you can check your emails with or without your PC or laptop, whether you are at home, office or anywhere you are.

Checking emails with Mail2web is a breeze – in fact, it’s too simple that I doubt whether it is a good service or not – I need to check the security features and such, and yes – I have to admit that it’s simple and secure.

You even don’t have to sign up to use Mail2web email checking services. Just enter your email address, your password and you can get the emails in Mail2web inbox – just like that; free of charge, with no sign up required.

Of course, just like other good cloud-based apps, you can access more features by paying an affordable subscription.

To check multiple email addresses, including customizing the front end of your account page (yes, you get a personal webmail page and address – i.e. you need to sign up with a Mail2web plans – you can access any plans under a 60-day free trial period to test the features and see whether it is exactly what you need:

The 2 available plans are Mobile Email and Mobile Email Pro:

  • Mobile Email plan starts from $4.95 per user per month. You can get the following: manage multiple email addresses, plenty of storage, spam filtering, anti-virus, mobile device sync, existing contacts import and support to POP3, IMAP and SMTP email protocols.
  • Mobile Email Pro plan starts from $9.95 per user per month. You will get everything from the Mobile Email plan, plus a free license for Outlook 2010 for Windows or Entourage 2008 for Mac and a full MAPI Access and RPC over HTTPS Support.

I recommend you to utilize the 60-day free trial to see whether the paid plan is for you.

Visit Mail2Web or Hosted Exchange Email – both is brands of Softcom Inc. – to learn more.

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