Mozy Review: Backup Your Important Data in the Cloud

mozy reviewDo you keep your important data on your laptop or PC? If you keep everything on your computer, you need to think of a way to backup those important data. It is essential that you have some type of remote backup in order to have that data safe in the event that a computer is stolen or it crashes. This is where Mozy comes into play.

Mozy offers online backup of all of your important data files, whether it be music, business records or so on. This way if the unthinkable does happen, you still have all the data that is near and dear to you – all stored in the cloud securely.

To give you an overview of what Mozy online backup can do for you, check out this TV commercial by iJustine:

In regard to data backup there are two products that will cater to everyone. First, the Mozy Home product is dedicated to those that want online backup on their home computers with things such as files, pictures and so forth. There is 24/7 support for those that have trouble, which gives the person greater peace of mind. Plus, it is available at an affordable monthly price.

The other product that people will find helpful is Mozy Pro. Mozy Pro is the online backup for businesses, whether they are small or large. This product offers the chance for multiple backups to occur from different computers, which is exactly what a business needs. However, all of the data is being filed into one central location so that you can easily find it should you need it.

What should I expect upon registering with Mozy?

Once you register, you will find that the process of backing up this data is extremely easy and safe. All of the data is secure and kept encrypted so there is no chance that someone else is going to see what you are backing up, if that is an issue that you worry about. Plus, Mozy will automatically back up the files even without being prompted to. That way you know that the most recent version is always available should you need it.

Once you download the Mozy program onto your computer, you simply go through your computer and pick the data that you want to backup. Mozy handles the rest. So on top of being a safe and smart decision, it is simple enough that anyone can use it.

My verdict

Overall, for anyone that wants to make sure that their files, photos and everything in between is protected, then they should consider a backup plan from Mozy.

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