Exclusive Q-and-A with SiteCloud Marketing, TJ Williams

sitecloud cloud hostingCloud hosting, as well as cloud computing in general, enjoys explosive growth, particularly in 2010. SiteCloud is one of the pioneers in the hosting industry offering cloud-based solutions to web hosting clients.

TJ Williams, SiteCloud Marketing, participates in our Q-and-A session, talking about what SiteCloud can offer its clients, as well as how SiteCloud view the future of cloud hosting. Here is the brief Q-and-A between Cloud Business Review (CBR) and TJ Williams (TJ.)

CBR: Please let us know about SiteCloud in a nutshell

TJ: SiteCloud is the first true load balanced cloud hosting provider that features cPanel/WHM.

CBR: How is SiteCloud different with the “conventional” web hosting and the other cloud hosting providers?

TJ: Conventional cPanel web hosts have all of their services on one server, this includes web, databases, e-mails, etc. This creates substantial load on the server which causes load that results in slow downs or outages. If the server goes down, all the services go down and every customer on that server is also down. SiteCloud is load balanced, this means all of our services run independently of one another which allows the load to be distributed, this means faster more reliable service. Since we have multiple servers running the infrastructure, if one goes down, the load is shifted to the available servers automatically.

CBR: I experience quicker page load on my SiteCloud-hosted sites – how so?

TJ: Our load balanced and powerful infrastructure is the reason why our sites load fast, we also have FastCGI across the cloud as well. That being said, SiteCloud was built on the notion of being fast all the time, and not the fastest host around. Other hosting providers may be faster, but when there are high loads or traffic spikes, the sites become unavailable… that’s not really an equal trade off. SiteCloud was built to be consistently fast during high loads and always available, despite the conditions on the platform.

CBR: I’ve read about cloud hosting performance issues due to the nature of the cloud itself – could you explain this more?

TJ: SiteCloud runs its own cloud, built by us, specifically for our own customers. So we’re not subject to most of the issues that are seen with the other cloud hosting providers, nor are we really the same type of service.

CBR: In your opinion, what’s the future hold for SiteCloud in particular and cloud hosting business in general?

TJ: Cloud hosting is the future of this business and SiteCloud is positioned to deliver affordable cloud hosting to the every day webmaster.

Please visit SiteCloud official site to find out about the cloud hosting services and the hosting plans on offer.

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