The Best 5 Free Cloud Storage Service Providers

free cloud storageFor most of us, information is wealth. Many of the storage means have failed to guard this wealth at some point of time. Many people assume that all you can do is store your information on a storage device and hope for the best. Well, not anymore because cloud storage is one of the best means to store in terms of security and accessibility. Store your information on the cloud and you can access it from anywhere and share it with anyone. You don’t have to manage your information except for deciding what goes on the cloud. Some companies offer free cloud storage services. The best 5 are:

  • Windows SkyDrive
  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • iCloud
  • Box
  • SugarSync

Windows SkyDrive:

You get free space of up to 7 GB to store your files. When it comes to security, Windows SkyDrive is second to none. Its secure socket layers for encryption, physical and electronic security measures and maintenance of multiple copies ensure that your files are safe. If you use Windows on your PC, you just need to pick your files right from your PC to store on the cloud. What makes SkyDrive remarkable is that you can use it on iPad and iPhone too. Files saved in a folder on a PC can be accessible on all your devices. Easy synchronization is yet another reason to use SkyDrive.

Amazon Cloud Drive:

Amazon’s free cloud storage service comes with a lot of outstanding features. There’s no option for us other than to be surprised. You can run Amazon’s EC2 Micro Instance for a year at no cost on subscribing to their Free Usage Tier. You can also enjoy the privileges of using Amazon S3, perform AWS data transfer, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, and Amazon Elastic Block Store. Its Elastic Beanstalk lets you use Java applications, Python, PHP, and .NET easily. The free storage space is distributed among different features, enabling users to enjoy most of the storage services provided by Amazon.


iCloud service is as fascinating as Apple’s other devices. You can access the songs you downloaded from iTunes on any of your devices. The photos you take using a device with iOS will be stored on all your devices connected to iCloud. Any of the documents or presentations that you’ve stored on iOS apps can be accessed using other devices easily. Are you a bookworm? You can bask in books anywhere if you have an iOS device. The books you purchase on iBooks will be stored in all your devices, enabling you to read your favorite books anywhere you want. You get free storage space of up to 5 GB, which can be extended for a low annual price.


Box is the best storage service if you are looking for a smooth store and access platform. There are more features for paid service than for free service. You get free storage space of up to 5 GB which can be upgraded to about 50 GB for a low monthly price. Another feature which you will find useful is the real-time notification. You will be notified whenever someone views or comments on the files you have shared. Box can be used on a range of devices like iPhone, iPad, desktop, Android phones, and so on.


The name seemingly suggests that it specializes in synchronization, but it also has other features you will find helpful. Its Web File Archive lets you backup your important files without synchronizing them. You can see the older versions of your files even after modifying them, however, only the recent version of your files will be considered for calculating used storage space. As your files are sent with SSL 3.3 encryption, you don’t have to worry about secure transfer of files.

Whether it is your photos or videos or presentations or highly confidential official documents, you can trust one of these service providers for their responsibility of storing your files safely.

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