How To Get A Job in Cloud Computing

cloud computing certification, cloud careers, art of serviceUnless you have been hiding under a rock the last couple years, you know about cloud computing. If you have taken quite the interest in cloud services and see the potential career path ahead, there is important information for you to know. This info will show you how to get a job in cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Training

The esteemed IT education company The Art of Service has expanded its cloud computing pathway so that IT professionals can take advantage of the growing number of jobs in the industry.

Ivanka Menken, CEO of The Art of Service, said that this growth represents a huge opportunity for IT professionals who have the education and knowledge to help companies manage their cloud computing strategies.

This is important to future IT professionals because cloud based services enable small to medium sized companies grow. In this situation, this is where the most jobs are created. Those IT professionals already in the field should consider going back and getting the cloud knowledge as well.

Computer networks and database professionals are expected to grow by 30% by the year 2018. And what’s fueling that growth? Cloud computing. Having said that, there is a real concern that there may not be enough technicians out there that understand the full scope of the cloud.

If businesses are expected to grow, then they IT support teams that undersatnd the inner workings, short-comings and successes of doing business in the cloud. This leaves a huge opportunity for those looking to crack into cloud business careers.

At the present time, the best cloud computing certification one can get is through the Art of Service Institute. Long acclaimed as one of the best in the industry, facilitators jumped on the opportunity to educate the future of IT. With a certification, you are slated to earn more money and expand your own career to heights unknown. It seems like a real no brainer.

Ivanka Menken from The Art of Service says “Certifications play an important role in a tough hiring environment. When faced with two comparable candidates, a hiring manager can be swayed by a certification. The person who gets the job usually has the certification.”

If you are interested in receiving the Cloud Computing Foundation Certification, you can go to the art of service website for more information here.

Here’s a cloud computing career guide for you…

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