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Cloud Migration ROI Calculator

Moving to the cloud is said to be a logical step in minimizing business operational costs and IT infrastructure investment. However beneficial the migration is, cloud computing migration is a decision that should not be taken lightly, simply because the migration is resource-intensive. Spending a large sum of investment money to move your business to the cloud without getting significant return in term of cost saved is the least thing you want to happen.

The cloud migration success should be measured by the return of investment: Is the migration do your business good? Are the migration-related costs made sense by a strong cost saving figures? To answer such trivial questions, you need a way to calculate the return of investment of going cloud.

Cloud Business Review offers simple but powerful cloud migration ROI calculator to help you analyze whether moving to the cloud can actually better your business, IT-wise. The free and easy to use ROI calculator is developed by Stelligent Systems LLC, an expert in Continuous Delivery in the Cloud (cloud automation.)