Cloud Computing in Cars

internet connected car

Nearly every individual that now owns an automobile is familiar with what is derived to be the common purpose of the automobile: merely a means of travel. The automobile is viewed by many as simply being a tool, a steel box with an engine sitting on four wheels designed specifically to move people from point A to point B.

Although companies have been adding extra entertainment features to distract the other passengers of the car and let the driver focus on driving, the automobile is still not viewed as being on par with the modern technology contained on something as small as the average mobile phone.


Knowing this, the modern market has made the logical choice of attempting to integrate the two. At first this was done by simply having a docking space for the phone to allow the driver easy access to their mobile device while driving. After a short while this evolved into, typically, a blue-tooth connection to make this interaction between driver and mobile device is a hands-free one. But even with hands-free access, the capabilities of the device at the time limited the overall capabilities of the pair to still serving as essentially a mobile phone. Although it was limited to only phone calls, this still served to help those of the business world as they began to host business from the comfort of their automobile, by having a hands-free headset to conduct conversations.

Business applications

But what if the car could do more for your business then that? Through the use of cloud computing, soon we will be able to plug our phone into our car and have the internet streamed to our fingertips better than ever before. The streaming feed of cloud computing will serve consumers twofold as business members will be able to host all online aspects of their business from their car as well as have the relaxation tools of the internet in their dashboard.

Health applications

On top of having the streaming internet capabilities of cloud computing monitor the status of the car, some companies are developing programs to monitor the health of the driver. Ford is developing a program to assist diabetics in monitoring the current blood sugar levels of the driver.

Those cloud using phones will also be able to serve as a helpful car tool through the use of varying apps that monitor things such as vehicle fluids, vehicle fuel, and even the current position and possible surrounding traffic through the use of personal GPS. This system can also be put towards active car security. Cars that have internal cameras can be set to record any undesired vehicle operators in the act, literally catching a thief in the middle of the car theft. It can also be set to tell you when there is basic activity around your car, and monitor it while uploading an active stream of the footage for the owner to view.

While this requires the car to constantly have the internet connection on, the security and far reaching possibilities of having an active cloud computing stream are something to be aware of for vehicle owners in many aspects of everyday life.

Image: Intel Photos / Flickr

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