Cloud Computing For Dummies: Easiest Explanation Ever

cloud computing, cloud securityA radio show was wrapping up the year 2011 discussing technological advances and asked listeners to call in and ask any questions they may have. The most dominant question was about the cloud. “What is cloud computing?” “What exactly does cloud computing mean?” The DJ gave an answer that put it all in perspective and became a cloud computing for dummies answer; truly the easiest explanation ever.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud Business Review continues to bring you the latest and most trending topics in cloud computing. Anything you want to know about cloud business can be found here. The premise of this site is to also make it as easy to understand as possible; so you can take your business or end user needs to the skies.

The explanation given by the above mentioned DJ is the most simple way to explain what cloud computing is. Obviously there are more detailed components of the cloud, but this should make it as simple as 1+1 for you.

Your email. Consider how often you check your email. Think of all the important inforamtion that comes into your inbox. Some people live and die by their email. The nice thing about your email is you do not have to log into your home computer to get your email. You can log into any computer, tablet, mobile device, anywhere in the world and get the contents of your email.

Your email is not stored just on your home PC. It is accessible anywhere, hosted by your service provider granting you access from your mom’s house or even the neighbors house. That is the basic premise of cloud computing. Any information you need access to, is accessible from anywhere, anytime. There was a time that document you worked on could only be saved to the computer that created it. With cloud computing, you can access that document from any PC, tablet or mobile anywhere in the world.

A simple explanation that should make you understand the ease of cloud computing as well as the benefits. Just as your email is safe (for the most part), so is your cloud storage. Cloud security continues to be the number one concern with end users, but truthfully, Facebook releases more personal info then cloud storage does. Yes, cloud vendors will continue to work on security issues and improve, but those issues should not keep you from utilizing cloud services.

Just as you adapted to email services, you can adapt to cloud computing. There really is no difference. Now, it’s not just your email access, but all of your info you can have access to. How many times have you been somewhere and wished you could access pictures saved to your PC? Now you can.

That’s the cloud computing for dummies simplest answer. The easiest explanation ever for cloud computing and storage. You can read some of the following posts to get more intricate info on the cloud.

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