Cloud Business News Roundup: December 6 – 12, 2010

Salesforce cloudSome interesting and notable development in cloud business world for the week highlights the recent development from that is taking on the database market by offering database in the cloud via its This is probably one of many future strategic approaches SalesForce will make, as it aims to be the one-stop place for businesses’ cloud development needs.

With the offering of cloud database services, SalesForce will try to closing the gap with one of the cloud database leader, Oracle. is already available to SalseForce customers, allowing them to build business apps on SalesForce very own platform. is – as always – the one to watch in cloud business arena.

Here are some other notable updates in cloud business for the week:

Cloud computing allows small businesses to compete with bigger businesses

David Gee, the VP of Worldwide Marketing for HP Enterprise Services said that small companies will be more able than before to take on bigger competitors because the cost of IT infrastructure investment will drop significantly – all thanks to cloud computing. Furthermore, Gee says that cloud computing will also enhance global businesses, giving them more firepower to compete with other businesses beyond their geographical location.

In Europe, Germany will benefit from cloud computing the most

According to The Centre for Economics and Business Research report, Germany will rake in EUR 49.6 billion as cloud computing benefits in 2015, from a total of EUR 177 billion throughout the Europe. The main reason is because German businesses are adopting cloud tech more effectively and efficiently than the rest of Europe. For the report, you can download it here.

USDA go cloud by partnering with Microsoft

US Government is going cloud. This time, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) goes cloud for its email and messaging needs to its 120,000 employees. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, the USDA will be one of the first gov’t entities to use Microsoft Office 365.

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